Second head injury lawsuit filed against NHL

Posted on Apr 14, 2014

According to Reuters online, last Thursday, nine NHL players have filed a class action lawsuit against the NHL. These players are claiming that the NHL "subjected the players to imminent risk of head trauma" that could lead health concerns later on in life. 

This comes as the second lawsuit against the NHL in five months. Reuters states the players are alleging that the league is not doing enough to prevent concussions. One of the quotes taken from Reuters, "the NHL has failed and continues to fail to warn its players of these risks and consequences of head trauma".  Also in the suit are claims that the NHL has "concealed material scientific and anecdotal information from the players."

Many of the players feel like they are not getting the information they need to protect themselves and possibly avoid head injuries, and more importantly, concussions.The players want more policies and protocols that could protect them from these head traumas, sustained in games or practices.

A similar lawsuit was filed last year which started out with 10 players has now grown to over 200 players. While the NHL has not responded, many believe that it is now time to focus on player safety over profits and traditions. 

Both of these suits are very similar to the suit filed by NFL players last year, which the NFL paid $765 million to settle. If more players begin to speak up, then the NHL has no choice but to change their player safety regulations and protocols. 

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