Routine Surgery Goes Bad - What Happens Next?

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Posted on Nov 12, 2015

According to this Washington Post article, a South Carolina man was admitted to the hospital for a routine colonoscopy, but got injured as a result. 

Mid surgery, surgeons left the operating room to inform his wife that something was wrong. They told her that there had been some complications, and his colon may have been punctured. He's never fully recovered from the doctor's mistake, and now, he relies on a pacemaker to live.  For him, life has never been the same. His wife says this: "our whole lifestyle changed - now all we do is sit at home and go to church. And that's because he's scared of dying."

We hate saying seeing stories like this - where someone's whole life is changed because of a medical error. Plus, he has to foot the bill since the hospital won't take responsibility. And, this is happening more often than you think. 

Medical errors cause over 400,000 deaths a year and over $19.5 billion in costs.

This is a very steep cost to bear for preventable medical errors, and Americans bear these costs everyday. 

This South Carolina man is one of those Americans - the hospital will not admit fault, and he has had trouble getting representation so that he can bring a medical malpractice claim. 

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