New York Knicks Lose Appeal to Dodge Player's Worker's Comp

Posted on Oct 23, 2015

Former NBA player Durand "Rudy" Macklin filed a workers' compensation claim in August 2011, according to Law 360. He is targeting NBA teams like the Hawks, Clippers and Knicks for the injuries to his back and other body parts that he sustained playing for the NBA.

Macklin is said to be 76% permanently disabled because of his injuries.

Macklin says those teams never told him he has a right to workers' compensation. Now he knows he does and he's in the middle of a fight over his workers' compensation benefits in California. 

Since those teams are in different states there is some question about whether or not they can even be dragged into Court in California. The New York Knicks, for example, say they cannot be held liable under California law since they are in New York.

Even more, Macklin never even completed a whole season in New York with Knicks - he got transferred to the Knicks in 1983 and only played part of one season before going to the Los Angeles Clippers.

The judge ruled that the New York Knicks, since the were partially responsible for Macklin's injuries before he played in California, can be held liable under California's worker's comp laws for his injuries.

This is a typical situation for a pro athlete or union worker who has worked and been injured in a number of different states.

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