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Posted on Oct 01, 2014

Marketing and promoting prescription drugs sometimes goes too far.  One pharmacy that apparently said its products, the drugs Adderall and Vyvanse, prescribed to treat attention defecit disorder has now paid for it in a large settlement following a DOJ investigation into whistleblower claims. According to the AP report, the settlement is approximately $59 million.

Basically, the company was representing that its drugs would reduce car accidents, criminal behavior, bad grades, losing jobs and a number of other claims that made it sound like a wonder drug.

Of course, when it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

More concerning was that the company marketed one of their medications as preventing colorectal cancer - a serious and life threatening cancer - without any evidence from clinical trials.  That is giving patients completely false hope, especially those at risk for colorectal cancer.

Its all too common in business (and we see this in lawyer advertising as well) to make claims that just aren't supported by evidence.

For any serious health or legal situation, go to someone you can trust for the best advice and care.  If you see ads on TV or in magazines for drugs that may help a serious medical condition, check it out with your doctor or a specialist to make sure the drug does as its intended.

And check with your doctor and pharmacy to make sure you're getting the right dosage of the right medication for the condition you have - we have seen too many cases of the wrong medication or the wrong dosage seriously harming the patient.



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