OSHA Fines Sherman Brothers Trucking Inc. $113,400

Posted on Nov 01, 2013

A trucking company, Sherman Brothers Trucking Inc., has been cited by the US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration for 11 safety violations and was fined $113,400 after the death of a worker.

A worker at its Crossett facility was instructed to clean inside a tanker trailer without proper training.  He was found unconscious and later died from lack of oxygen.

After an investigation, the company was fined for several violations, including “failure to guard open floor holes to prevent falling into the next level, failure to stabilize a platform used to access a tanker cleaning area with railings to prevent fall hazards, and failure to train workers on confined spaces and hazard communications.”

It is the employers’ responsibility to keep their workers safe and to provide them with the proper personal protective equipment and the proper training. If you feel unsafe in your work environment because you don’t have adequate equipment or training for the job you are assigned to, talk to your employer and make sure they are following the safety regulations set out by OSHA.

If you were hurt on the job because your employer failed to follow those regulations, you are probably entitled to workers compensation benefits and your employer should be held accountable for your injury. Learn more about your rights if you are injured on the job by ordering Protect Your Rights: The Ultimate Guide to DC Workers’ Compensation by clicking here or calling us at (202) 393-3320. We provide these resources completely free of charge to workers who were injured in D.C., Maryland or Virginia. 

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