Posted on Jun 02, 2014

Here's a great story about a cheater getting caught.  Remember, it's guys like this who give hardworking, legitimately injured workers a bad name.

A man in Ohio was ordered to repay around $9,000 or more because he was working while also receiving workers comp injury benefits. Workers Compensation online reported that Jack Barker plead guilty in April in Franklin County Court of Common Pleas to one count of workers compensation fraud and one count of theft.

According to the report, Mr. Barker falsely represented his employment status while receiving workers compensation benefits. Investigators from the Special Investigations Department, had received word that Mr. Barker was working while receiving the disability benefits from an anonymous tip. From there his financial records had been obtained and analyzed, while field interviews had been conducted with the employer he was working with while receiving the benefits. He had been working as a driver for an excavation contractor.

We help many people with workers compensation claims, but not cheaters. People like this think they can get away with it, but they can't. And, besides the company he stole from, who else does it hurt? You.  And everyone with a legitimate, serious injury at work who relies on workers comp benefits to feed his family.

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