ObamaCare is ruining medical practices?

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Posted on Apr 14, 2014

It is no secret that ObamaCare has been receiving a lot of attention recently surrounding its enrollment numbers--7.1 million people have enrolled through the new market places--but what does that mean for the doctors? Most physicians will say that medicine has been harder to practice under the ObamaCare law. Physicians are now having to see more patients--extending their hours and not giving the patient the time and care they may need. Many physicians are finding it hard to "maneuver through this new health care landscape"--referring a patient to a specialist for a consultation.

Here's a case in point reported by ___.  Dr. Manny, an obstetrician, has difficulty getting his patients who may need another specialist in order to get the proper care and treatment. For example, if he has a patient that has a epilepsy may need to see or neurologist--or a patient needs to see a hematologist  because she has an abnormal blood count. How are his patients supposed to see these specialists when, even under traditional insurance, options are limited.

There are many specialists who do not accept Obamacare health care plans. For the physicians that do accept ObamaCare, they may have to extend their practices to allow for more patients. When Dr. Manny can find a specialist that he can refer his patient to for a consultation, the location is often too far for the patient. 

According to ___, for Dr. Manny and many other physicians, the reality is, physician reimbursement for insurance is low and physicians have to see more and more patients to keep their practices running. With ObamaCare, physicians may be getting reimbursed for much less than traditional insurance plans. Getting a physician to accept the ObamaCare health care plans is difficult and many are choosing not to accept health care plans. Most physicians are even limiting their practices to those who can pay higher premiums altogether. 

If all of this turns out to be true, what does this mean for the patient? This means stressed out doctors and dissatisfied patients. With physicians taking on more patients, they will not be able to get to all the issues a patient may have-which can lead to a misdiagnosis, overlooked symptoms and treatment options, and an unwillingness or inability to refer patients to the right specialists. Physicians may not be able to get their patients the help they need because they cannot find a specialist who will take the insurance under the ObamaCare health care plans. 

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