Newborn Has Swollen Legs, Doc Says "Come Back in 6 Months"

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Posted on Oct 13, 2015

A mother in Charlotte welcomed two baby boys into the world, two minutes apart. The first had no obvious birth issues, the second was born with severe swelling in his legs and groin. According to this Washington Post article, the mother asked the surgeon for next steps, and he ran a few cursory tests and told her "Let's just keep an eye on it and bring him back in six months."

"Let's just keep an eye on it and bring him back in six months."

Can you imagine hearing that?  Can you imagine knowing that your newborn is obviously not well, the doctor just ran a couple of tests, says he doesn't know what it is, and that you should leave?

After being told to "wait and see", the mother found a specialist and the newborn was diagnosed with lymphedema - swelling in the arms or legs caused by the removal or damage of lymph nodes. There is no cure, but the mother is able to manage her son's symptoms with compression garments and massages. 

No one should have to suffer from complications at birth - especially when doctors, hospitals and HMOs refuse to order diagnostic tests, bring in consultants and follow up properly so they can diagnose and treat your child's condition. Many times the whole system fails - there is a breakdown in communication at the hospital for example, and it leads to serious harm for the child.

We specialize in birth injuries and representing children, so this article (and the doctor's attitude) got our attention.  So get the answers you need after your child suffers a serious medical condition, and especially if your child has cerebral palsy - you can click here to see a case Result from a young man we represented with cerebral palsy.

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