Mother of dead teen claims negligence in crash

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Posted on Apr 25, 2014

Every parent's nightmare...

Earlier this month, a bus carrying students on their way to take a tour of Humboldt State University, was hit head on by a FedEx truck. While many of the people on the bus were able to get off before it had exploded into flames, ten peopledied. Three students, two adult chaperones and both of the drivers lost their lives that day.

One of the Dorsey High School students, Jennifer Bonilla, who received a scholarship to the university was among those who had lost their lives. Her mother Rosa Rivera, has file a lawsuit suing FedEx for negligence, alleging that the trucks have a history of catching on fire, reported NY Daily News. 

Witnesses who saw the accident, stated that the FedEx truck had been on fire before before it crashed into the bus. The FedEx trucks, according to the lawsuit, have a history of catching fire due to mechanical error, driver error or improper cargo loading. Both FedEx as well as the owner of the bus the students were riding in, Silverado Stages, are defendants - there are allegations that the bus lacked adequate exits that would have allowed passengers to escape after the crash.

This lawsuit is the first to be filed in connection with the accident that occurred on April 10, 2014 in California, but more are expected to be filed in the near future.

The damages of those passengers injured will depend - as in any case - on the extent of their injuries.  They will be entitled to fair but full damages for their medical expenses, lost income, pain, permanent injury, disfigurement.  And injured victims should also receive damages for the future effects of the injuries.

For the families of those killed or those severely injured in the bus accident, no settlement will replace what they lost.  It never does.  

Read more on this story on the NY Daily News site.

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