Metro Train Accident - No Cap on Damages

Posted on Jun 28, 2009

The Metro train accident victims and their families should receive full and fair compensation for their injuries, said attorney Frank R. Kearney in a recent interview with the Washington Examiner.  There is no artificial cap on damages in the District of Columbia.  While every case will be different because the injuries are different for everyone.  Those who were injured should be compensated for their pain, suffering, medical expenses, permanent injuries and lost income - both now and in the future.

The families of those killed in the Metro train accident have the right to damages for wrongful death and survival action.  These damages would include the cost of medical care and lost future income, plus loss of care,  guidance, services  and attention for the minor children of the person killed in the Metro train accident.

As Mr. Kearney stated when interviewed by the Examiner, the train accident will prove costly for Metro.  Metro carries liability insurance for significant injury and death cases.  Due to a recent ruling by a court in Maryland, Metro may have been able to cap its liability had the accident occurred in Maryland instead of at the Fort Totten station in Washington, D.C.

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