3 Ways a Hospital Covers Up Medical Mistakes

Posted on Feb 27, 2014

When medical mistakes are made in a hospital - when the system fails, or a doctor doesn't follow the rules for patient safety or a nurse doesn't check to see llife saving equipment is in place and working before there is an emergency medical event - we've seen hospitals cover up these kinds of mistakes.

Here are 3 ways hospitals cover up medical malpractice and medical mistakes:

  1. They don't tell you about it.  Your loved one has undergone a significant change in her condition due to a medical error and they never tell you why or how.  All you know is the patient got seriously ill and much worse while in the hospital.  After discharge, they may review the care and determine it was caused by a series of preventable errors, but they don't have to tell you that!
  2. They don't give you all of the medical records.  To cover up mistakes, they can selectively forget to copy certain records in the patient's chart - so when you review the records you don't see anything that went wrong.  Hospital administrators know you won't notice a few critical pages missing from the chart, and how would you know what to look for to make sure the medical records are complete?
  3. They destroy or re-write the medical records.  Obviously, this is wrong, wrong, wrong but we've seen it in our cases.  Any medical record that is added to, changed or re-written should clearly state that and the original should be kept in the chart as well.

If you suspect medical mistakes led to a serious injury or death, don't wait.  Get the medical records and get them reviewed by a serious medical malpractice lawyer.

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