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Posted on Jul 08, 2019


Can you think of some common misconceptions about medical malpractice?

I can certainly think of a few.

Medical malpractice cases are easy to prove.

Medical malpractice cases are just about money.

Medical malpractice cases can be brought for any type of injury.

The reality is, medical malpractice cases are extremely time-consuming, they are incredibly technical, and highly, highly expensive.

So why do we choose to pursue them?

I read this article the other day that talked about how medical malpractice is committed by a minority of doctors. Probably much along the same lines as how legal malpractice is committed by a minority of lawyers.

But does that make it any less damaging?

We have worked on a case where an inappropriate treatment response on the part of emergency room team had catastrophic results. And when I say catastrophic, I mean never-the-same-again type of injury.

We won another case in which the failure to follow up on pre-natal care screening tests resulted in a child being born with cerebral palsy.

Read more about that story here

When you have a profession like being a doctor, you go through years and years of training. Your field is highly technical and hinges on being thorough. You have to follow the rules.  And when you don't, you have malpractice insurance to cover you.

Emergency Room doctors make life and death decisions every day and they don't always beat whatever they are fighting. But that simply cannot be because they didn't check something, or follow up on something, or screen for something that is normal and routine. People put their lives into the hands of doctors trusting that their tests will be followed up on and the results heeded.

That's why we pursue medical malpractice claims. Because a simple failure to follow up should not become a person's lifelong incapacitation. And it shouldn't cost them millions of dollars in medical expenses that they then have to cover themselves.

So that's why. If you ever have a devastating medical event you want to talk to me about, call our office and speak to one of our highly-qualified paralegals. I can't promise that it will turn into a case, but I can promise that we will speak to you and send you some of our free materials that will help you better understand your circumstances.



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