$7.4 Million Award to Medical Malpractice Victim

Posted on Oct 01, 2015

According to the Delaware County Daily Times, a man in Darby was discharged from his physician's office after having a 200/80 blood pressure in May 2014. Two days later, he suffered a stroke. This stroke caused him severe brain injuries, serious damage to his arm, and will leave him wheelchair bound for the rest of his life. He sought damages in a medical malpractice suit against his physician.

This stroke, a jury found, was preventable and the patient was awarded $7.4 million dollars in his medical malpractice suit against his doctor. 

The $7.4 million award includes $350,000 for loss of future earnings, $2.6 million for future medical expenses, $950,000 to the patient's wife's estate, and $3.5 million in other damages. 

The jury found that when the patient left the physician's office, he was at an especially high risk of stroke. He had diabetes, very high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and was overweight, older and a smoker. Even more, the patient also complained of dizziness, numbness and confusion before leaving the physician's office - classic signs and symptoms that something was seriously wrong and the patient needed further work up.  All of these signs, a jury found, should have been taken into account by his physician. And, as a result, the physician did not provide the standard of care that the patient's condition called for and caused him to have the massive stroke.

It is unfortunate that the physician did not take the time to assess this patient to make sure the patient was safe - we don't know if the doctor was in a rush, did not have a system for making sure the serious complaints were addressed,

Your case may not be as extreme, but no one should have to suffer because a heathcare provider didn't follow established patient safety rules. There are many ways this can happen - discharging a patient without a full evaluation, usually too early, not offering you alternative methods of treatment, misdiagnosing you because a specialist was not called in for consultation, and delaying your care, not reading your test results correctly, etc.  No matter what it is, call us today for a free consultation to see if we can help you.

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