Low Salary + Tough Job Description = Health Aide Crisis?

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Posted on May 01, 2017

Unless you are in the industry or are resposible for the care of a profoundly disabled person, you might not know that there may be an impending home heath aide crisis in the United States.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, "an additional 1.1 million workers of this kind will be needed by 2024 - a 26% increase over 2014." (Washington Post). However, a demographic that pulls in $10.11 dollars per hour on the national average makes good help, quite literally, hard to find.

A home health aide may be responsible for "physically and emotionally demanding work" in caring for a person who cannot peform the most basic necessities of life; feeding themselves, for example. The job might require heavy lifting and dealing with the most intimate physical life details of another human being, such as using the restroom and bathing. They might additionally have to deal with "challenging behaviors."

According to the Post, the senior population in the States could hit 88 million by 2050; a jarring prediction considering that the average wage for a home health aide has actually decreased over the past ten years.

One of the reasons why we  work so hard to get a great settlement for our clients dealing with profound disabilities is so that they can afford a good healthcare system. We have represented patients whose doctors caused cerebral palsy (causing brain damage and paralysis) and have gotten them enough money to take care of their physical and emotional needs for the rest of their lives. That means not having to leave the life of a loved one in the hands of an underpaid and overwhelmed health aide or in a bureaucratic group home. With a settlement of their medical malpractice case, our special-needs clients have the freedom to choose the best care.

If you, or somebody that you love has been affected by a medical outcome that has left them with profound disabilites, we would like to help. Please give us a call to talk about your case today; for no charge and no obligation you can speak to a live person.

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