In Texas, Five Babies Test Positive for TB

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Posted on Oct 02, 2014

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CNN reported Monday (September 29, 2014) morning that five babies tested positive for TB after being exposed at a hospital in El Paso, Texas. Making it a total of 45 babies who have been exposed to the infectious disease.

They also report that nearly 850 infants and 43 health care professionals could have been potentially exposed as well. A nurse who had tested positive with TB had been working at the hospital between September 2013 and August 2014. This nurse had been also working with infants and in the post-partum unit of the hospital.

It is being said that the babies who have tested positive for TB, do not have active cases of it, but all are receiving treatment as a precaution.

The employee who exposed these infants is no longer working at this hospital and is receiving treatment, but Providence CEO Eric Evans went on the record to say. "I want to apologize to the parents. I take full ownership of this... I represent over 3,000 dedicated co-workers... all struggling with the fact that this happened at our facility. We're going to make this right."

It is hard reading stories like this. It makes you ask questions like, "how did this happen", "how can we prevent this from happening again?", etc. How did this go on for so long unnoticed? Hospitals need to take more precautions when it comes to screenings, especially when it comes to health care professionals getting the proper vaccinations. We go to the hospital to get better, not to get exposed to other illness, but sadly this happens a lot.

There needs to be a better implementation of patient safety in hospitals across the country, to make sure this does not happen somewhere else.

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