Hospital data shows 969 incidents of preventable patient injuries

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Posted on Jun 28, 2010

The Las Vegas Sun investigated two years worth of hospital data and found 969 incidents of preventable injuries, patient harm and life threatening infections.  As reported, the information analyzed from inpatient visits at Las Vegas hospitals showed instances of preventable harm, deadly infections and possible neglect at a rate of one injury per day.

Preventable medical mistakes or errors are medical malpractice.

Dr. John Santa, director of the Health Ratings Center for Consumer Reports said these events "aren't inevitable.  They're preventable.  It just involves attention to detail and a willingness to change the culture."

The investigation found hospitals were under reporting such events and that hospital lobbyists have resisted the state's effort to make the information regarding preventable or avoidable incidents and the identity of the hospitals public.

For more on this investigation into preventable medical errors in hospitals, read the article Health care can hurt you, by Marshall Allen and Alex Richards by clicking on the title above.

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