Posted on Apr 08, 2014

GM has started to fix the ignition switches in its 2.6 million vehicles. This repair--a half hour repair--is estimated to take weeks if not months to get to all 2.6 million vehicles on the recall list. Even though the repair will only take about 30 minutes, drivers may have to leave their cars at the dealership due to "scheduling requirements". The repair is free for the customers because it is a part of a safety recall.

In the meantime, the cars are safe to drive-says GM--if the driver takes the proper precautions and appropriate steps. What are the appropriate steps? Well, drivers are being told to separate the ignition key from heavy key rings that could can cause the switches to shift from ON to OFF or Accessory Mode-in certain circumstances. Drivers are also being told to make an appointment with their dealership to get the ignition switch fixed. 

A federal judge in Texas may rule that to "ground all cars" and force GM to provide replacement cars until all the repairs are finished. The judge is said to rule soon on this. For those who are concerned about the safety of their car until it is fully repaired, GM is offering them a rental car. 


For a full list of vehicles on the recall list, please visit our blog.

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