Employers Retaliate Against Workers for Reporting Injuries from Work

Posted on Jul 24, 2013

Over the past decade, reports of injuries on the job have decreased by around 30%. However, a Wall Street Journal article explains that this decrease is not as simple as it looks. The lower number of reports does not necessarily mean the workplace conditions have become safer for employees.

A 2011 study discovered implications that injuries were going unrecorded at some construction sites. Out of the 1,020 workers that were surveyed, only about 47% said work-related injuries would be reported in their work places.

Why is it that there have been fewer reports of actual work-related injuries?

Employment Law Research Inc. claims that the decrease in reports is resulted from the increase of companies retaliating against workers for reporting their work-related injuries. This discourages employees from speaking up about their injuries. In addition, there have been cases of employers offering bonuses or prizes to employees for meeting safety goals as incentives to further discourage them from reporting injuries.

Margaret Seminario, safety director at the AFL-CIO labor group, says, “Some employers respond to injuries by saying it’s your fault and you will be penalized.”

Don’t let your employer bully you when you are the one that’s injured. Despite what your employer might say, you have rights as an employee. Don’t let misinformation put out there by insurance companies and employers stop you from receiving the workers’ compensation benefits you are entitled to.

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