Doctors were Negligent in the Care of a Premature Newborn

Posted on Dec 04, 2013

In a recent and tragic medical malpractice case, doctors and a nurse at a well- respected medical center were found negligent in the care of a newborn.  According to a lawsuit filed by the child’s parents, two doctors and a nurse practitioner at the hospital did not take appropriate measures in caring for the premature infant. 

Now the child is unable to digest food without being continuously fed by a tube. And a slight error with the tubing can cost him his life.

One incident in a hospital can change someone’s life forever. One violation of a patient safety rule and deviation from standard patient care can cause suffering to a young child and his family for years.

This family took action, but some families never find out what really caused their child’s life changing conditions, need for medical care and disability.

If you’re suspicious and think your child’s disability or developmental delays were caused by mistakes made by a hospital, get the information you need for your child.

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