Diabetes drug caused 500-2,000 deaths

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Posted on Apr 21, 2014

The drug , Mediator- commonly known as benflourex, was used to treat patients who suffered from diabetes. This drug had been prescribed to an estimated five million French patients. The initial use of the drug was for treatment of diabetes, but was also being marketed to doctors as a weight loss aid by the company who made the drug. 

Studies had linked the drug to pulmonary hypertension and Laboratories Servier, the company who produced the drug, was accused of having concealed evidence of the dangers.

While this example is from an older case reported in the New York Times, it sounds familiar. Sounds like the recent news with GM and the vehicle recalls. When are companies going to stop concealing information from the consumer? Have companies not learned from the mistakes of others?

This goes to show that many companies--not just GM, Graco or Evenflo, are hiding pertinent information from the regulatory systems and consumers alike, often leading to injuries and sometimes deaths.

When will they learn?

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