Developmental Delays and Medical Malpractice

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Posted on Nov 06, 2017


A recent study published in the ABC arm of Australia reflects a correlational link between caesarian births and developmental delays. This study, conducted by the University of Melbourne, shows that "Children born by caesarean section could have developmental delays in their grammar, numeracy, reading, and writing later in life compared with children born by vaginal delivery." 

In the report they were careful to indicate that the relationship was one of correlation rather than causation.  While the evidence is weak on this point, it is another factor parents of special needs kids may want to consider.  Many times, a c-section is necessarry to prevent harm to the baby and mom.

The question is usually why a c-section was necessary.

But what if you needed a c-section because of fetal distress? Or because the residents and interns at the hospital didn't understand it was an emergency situation, that the baby's life (and yours) was in danger? Or they didn't communicate with the attending doctor who would have safely delivered the baby? 

Then immediate delivery of the baby is the best way to keep the mom and baby safe.

Many times, problems with birth can be due to a preventable medical mistake which may not be readily apparent if you don't know for what you are looking. That is exactly what medical malpractice is: standards to which there was not adherence, and critical consequences as a result.

We see this in children who have cerebral palsy and other developmental delays. Sometimes it is due to preventable premature delivery. Sometimes it is due to preeclampsia which should have been caught with proper monitoring. 


And in those situations when you didn't have control, and the doctors and nurses who should have been your best advocates missed a critical step, we are here to help. We have won settlement for clients who have had a preventable medical mistake cause developmental delays and special needs for their child. The settlement helps them to pay for a lifetime of expenses associated with the medical and occupational treatment their child requires.

If you find yourself wondering if your child's special-needs could have been prevented, give us a call right away. There is a statute of limitations for filing for these types of cases, which just means that your child's case may not be able to be heard if you wait too long to file.

We will speak to you today for no cost and no obligation. Not only that we will send you one our free books: Picking Up the Pieces After Medical Malpractice: A Parent's Guide to help you get oriented.

With kids with developmental delays and cerebral palsy, the days are long but the years are short...One call to us can stop the worry and anxiety that you're having over your child's future.  Just give us a call today at 202-393-3320 to get started. 


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