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Posted on Aug 27, 2014

Image courtesy of Bethesda Magazine



It is always refeshing to see people we've worked with being featured in local magazines and newspapers. Recently we came across an article in the Bethesda Magazine featuring Russ Glickman. We recently wrote about Russ Glickman in our July newsletter as well as in a blog post.

The article outlines the struggles that the Glickmans faced when their son Michael was only three days old and diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Bethesda Magazine discusses how the Glickman family fought hard to provide for their son and make sure he had the best life he could have.

His experience with his son has shaped his professional life. The article sites that just 5 years ago Glickman started seeking out clients who had challenges with mobility. Glickman tells the magazine,"I can help people. I have empathy for their situation." 

Like many clients we represent who have children with CP, Glickman worried about how he would pay for the medical care as well as therapy for his son Michael. Since we are not privy to Glickman's whole situation with his son and his CP; one thing we know for sure, is that he did all he could and went through all avenues to get his son the benefits he deserved.

Glickman renovated his home to fit the needs of his son by building ramps, a smooth stone path that lead to the basement from the driveway. He also placed some ceiling tracks between the bedroom of Michael and the bathroom so that the caregiver or one of his parents could place in a sling and he could be moved at by flipping a switch. 

In 2009 he re-launched his business with the main focus of helping other families in situations like his. He markets his business to parents with disabled children, adults wanting more independence and for property owners who are looking "age in their own homes". On top of this, he designs under "universal design", meaning creating homes for people of ages and abilities without sacrificing aesthetics.

The work that he has done for many families as far as designing homes that are more accessible, is amazing. He is showing that people do not have to sacrifice the way they live because of their disabilities. If you have a child with special needs and are wheelchair bound and need assistance on making your house more accessible for your child, we suggest you head over to Glickman Design/Build. For more information on resources for your child with special needs, contact us for a FREE copy of Getting Everything Your Special Needs Child Deserves.



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