DC Workers Compensation office cancels hearings

Posted on Oct 04, 2013

D.C. workers compensation delays have been an unfair reality for many injured workers over the years - adding delay in getting benefits they need to feed their families and medical treatment needed to get better and back to work.  It can take many months, sometimes years, to get a decision following a formal hearing on a workers compensation case in the District.

Delays do seem to be shorter than they were 15 or 20 years ago, but they still have an incredibly unfair impact on hard working people with legitmate on the job injuries.

Now the D.C. workers compensation agency that handles hearings is cancelling formal hearings that have been scheduled for months.

We got a call from the agency indicating hearings were cancelled "due to circumstances out of the agency's control." Presumably this is because of the recent government shutdown but the people we talked to couldn't confirm that.