DC is the third WORST city in America for "safe driving"

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Posted on Aug 25, 2016

Allstate recently ranked 200 cities across America to determine which of them has the safest drivers. You can see the full report from Allstate here.  

Where does DC end up on the list?

DC ranks in 197th place out of 200 cities for safe driving.

In other words, we're the third worst driving city in America. Not something to be proud of.

The report used safe driving metrics to rank the cities, including average years between crashes, the likelihood of a crash, and how often drivers in the area have "braking events" - meaning events where the driver had to brake or somehow change their behavior to avoid a crash.

The Allstate report also controlled for population density and precipitation - this means we can't blame the population or the rain (or how often it rains) for the low ranking on this list. The numbers won't lie. And, still, we're third to last in the country. 

And, a neighbouring city, Alexandria, VA is at the bottom of the list, too. Coming in at 189th out of 200. 

How do we stop this? We have to be more careful on the road and avoid distractions like cellphones, grooming, and roudy occupants.

Especially since school is starting in the area again, let's make sure to get back to school safely this fall

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