Dancing Hamster arrested and charged for Workers Comp Fraud

Posted on Jun 13, 2014


Image courtesy of Google Images


A 27 year old man known for being one of the dancing hamsters in the Kia commercial has been arrested for fraudulently collecting money for workers compensation. Leroy Barnes has allegedly been accused of deceiving his doctors about his employment status while he was receiving disability benefits.

Back in 2010 Barnes was struck by a piece of ceiling while on the set for a sound check.  At the time he was working as a dancer and from September 2010 to September 2011, he had been receiving disability insurance benefits that totaled $51,000. During this time Barnes had stated that he was not employed.

It was during this time that Barnes had starred in the Kia commercial as the dancing hamster. He had also preformed with a rap group under an alias and did back up dancing for stars like Madonna, Kelly Rowland and Chris Brown under a different alias, authorities reported to KTLA.

Barnes appears in court on July 2nd of this year.

A quote taken from the news report by Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones, "Fraudulently collecting disability benefits is not only illegal, it disrespects  legitimately injured [people] who are unable to work" This is true. He is breaking a law and giving legitimate, hard working people who have been hurt on the job a bad name.

In D.C., Maryland and Virginia, there are times when you can work light duty after an injury and there are different types of workers compensation benefits like,  temporary partial disability, and permanent partial disability to account for reduced earnings.

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For more information on this story, go to the KTLA website.