Construction worker hit by car while working

Posted on May 31, 2014


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On I-64 East in Norfolk, Virginia, a VDOT contractor was stuck by a car. The accident had occurred east of Chesapeake Blvd and Norview Ave on May 20th. The VDOT contractor suffered from injuries to his shoulder and was sent to the hospital for treatment. According to the police on the scene of the accident, the contractor was working in a temporary work zone at the time.

Just like this VDOT contractor, many crews working on an interstate highway face many dangers on the job. Often times when they are working on the roads, they put up signs visible to the drivers-- telling them to slow down in work zones -- but many drivers still fly by at 60 mph or more without even thinking twice. While this is an unfortunate event that happened to this worker, it is no surprise that on occasion a road construction worker is hit by a car and injured or even killed.

It is very important that drivers, when they see workers on the road, slow down and stay alert. We all know how traffic can be in the D.C, Maryland and Virginia areas--especially when there is construction-- but slowing down and staying alert is a minor inconvenience that can prevent injuries and save lives.

This contractor who was hurt on the job, may get workers' compensation benefits from his employer's insurance company to help while he can't work. Through workers' compensation benefits, you are entitled to 2/3 of your gross income while you are disabled. You can also receive medical treatment as long as it is necessary, and additional benefits are available if you are permanently disabled or have to work at a job that pays less because of your injuries. For more information on filing a workers' compensation claim, contact us at (202) 393-3320. 

And this injured worker may have a case against the driver who hit him as well, sometimes called a third party case (because his injuries were caused by a third party, rather than his employer).  There is a lot of interplay between workers compensation and third party cases - it is a complicated set of rules and laws that most lawyers don't even know about, so if you're in this situation, call us so we can walk you through some of the traps you need to watch out for and make sure you do everything right.

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