Cardiologist allegedly performed many unnecessary stent procedures

Posted on Oct 28, 2013

Here is another medical malpractice case right in our backyard.

Mark Midei, a former cardiologist of St. Joseph Medical Center in Towson, MD, is being accused of nearly 250 medical malpractice cases. Dr. Midei allegedly deviated from standard patient-safety procedures and performed unnecessary stent procedures on his former patients, who now face medical complications and financial losses.

Dr. Midei would apparently overstate the severity of his patient’s medical condition to justify the use of stents, an extra procedure that would increase the medical costs. Stents are used to increase the flow of blood in clogged up arteries. His former patients claim that Dr. Midei failed to follow basic procedures and basic tests before ordering the procedure

Doctors performing unnecessary procedures has become a problem with modern medicine today—according to some reports, tens of thousands of times each year, patients undergo surgeries that they don’t need

That is why it’s important to be aware that these things happen — some doctors and hospitals will put profits over patients. Learn more about the different signs of medical malpractice to prevent it from happening to you and your family. Download 7 Symptoms of Medical Malpractice: How Every Patient Can Recognize, Stop and Avoid Medical Mistakes online or call us today at (202) 393-3320. 

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