Posted on May 31, 2014


Teenagers are Most at Risk for Accidents Over the Summer

Summer is the deadliest time for teen drivers. Lets face it, summer time means freedom for a lot of teens. They do not have school and get to hang out with their friends all the time now. Some teens will be engaging in underage drinking and do not know their 'limit' and will think they can drive after 'a couple beers'. While texting and driving will get you a fine-- if caught-- teens will still engage in it. Both underage drinking (and driving) and texting and driving are both really dangerous activities, but there is a higher likelihood that some teens will in engage in one-- if not both-- activities this summer.

Here are three tips for teen drivers to have a safe summer on the roads.

  • Promise to not text and drive-- make a pledge to stop all together.
  • Know the risks-- teens can read about the top risks for driving and educate themselves to become better and more defensive drivers.
  • Learn about teen driver safety-- read safety facts and make sure you're following the safety tips. Consider following a group dedicated to safety, where you can read safety blogs and tips.

With that being said, we do not want to put a damper on your summer. Just remember to drive safe and take the pledge to not text and drive-- it can wait. We cannot control others on the road but as long as we are practicing safe driving habits, we can do our best to protect ourselves and our passengers.

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