Posted on Jul 03, 2019

Driving is Dangerous in Baltimore and DC

Allstate has released its annual ranking of drivers in America’s 200 largest cities. For the second year in a row, Baltimore drivers have been ranked last, while DC placed 199th out of 200 cities for safe driving. Essentially, the Baltimore-Washington metro area is home to the least safe driving in America. Even nearby Alexandria, VA ranks 192nd out of 200.

The report ranks cities based on driver behavior, the average number of years between accidents per person, and how often “hard braking events” occur – Baltimore and DC Home to America’s Worst Driverssituations in which the driver had to act fast to avoid a crash. While we might want to blame this poor ranking on weather or the dense population in our area, Allstate adjusted for population density and precipitation. That means that even without the added impact of rain, snow, or jam-packed roads, we still rank as the worst two American cities for driving. To be clear, this isn’t new information – Baltimore has been in the top 10 worst driving cities consistently for years. In order to stay safe, we have to be more careful when we drive and make sure to avoid distractions like cellphones and rowdy occupants.

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