Posted on Aug 25, 2014

As we get closer to school coming back into session and we're gearing up for our carpools, we have to remember that we are registering our infant, toddler, and child seats. The National Traffic Safety Administration is urging that parents get their child restraints registered with their manufacturer.

This is important because if there is a safety recall on your product, the manufacturer is required to give notice to the customers  on all registered child restraints. In order to get this important information, you have to make sure that your child restraint is registered. All that is needed to register your child restraint is:

  • Your name 
  • Your current address
  • Manufacturer' name
  • Date of manufacture
  • Model Number.
  • Model name.

It's simple and easy and could save your child's life! 

For more information about registering your child's restraint, head over to

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