Use The New Waze App To Avoid a DC Traffic Accident or Jam

Posted on Aug 12, 2015



Have you heard of a mobile app called Waze?  It's a free and easy to use navigation and traffic app available at the Apple Store and on Google play. You can download it from anywhere straight to your mobile device.  An alternative to Google Maps and Mapquest, it's become very popular in our area and many use it for live and up-to-date traffic conditions on our roads. 

After users enter in their desired destination in the app, they find that a community of drivers have already informed them of the traffic patterns they will face on their route, if there is police or construction ahead, if there is a stop light camera coming up, or, and very importantly, if there is a major accident in their path.

Many people report using the app mainly to avoid traffic accidents or other hazards on the road, which gets our stamp of approval here at Donahoe Kearney. 

Users can use the app only for road guidance, or they can easily press a few buttons to alert other drivers of upcoming road hazards.  This way they become a part of the community sharing and verifying local traffic jams, accidents, and other road issues.

Of course, with all navigation apps, be careful not to get distracted on the road while driving. Waze disallows this in a very unique way: unlike many other navigation tools, if your vehicle is in motion, you are not allowed to type in a destination address.  The app will ask if you are a passenger (and not the driver), and if you report that you are the passenger, then and only then are you allowed to type.  We find that this feature encourages safe driving, and should be adhered to.

As always, stay safe on the road, do all you can to avoid hazards, and take care of yourself.

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