Assaults at Work

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Posted on Sep 12, 2011
Work place violence is an occupational hazard for many employees.  Hosptial workers - nurses, techs, security personnel can be assaulted on the job by patients.  Bus and train operators can be beaten and robbed by criminals boarding the bus or train.  And of course police officers and security guards are at risk every day they are on the job.

OSHA just issued a directive establishing inspections of several industries prone to workplace violence, instructing employers how to take steps to protect their employees.  

Violence at work is also one of the top four causes of work related fatalities.

But not all states recognize an injured workers claim for workers compensation when he or she is beaten, assaulted or injured due to workplace violence.  Some states require the violence to be related to the work activity (it can't be random or "wrong place, wrong time" in other words).

D.C. workers compensation usually recognizes work place violence injuries - like other injuries that happen at work.  

We have represented people seriously injured by acts of violence at work - an ER nurse attacked by a patient on drugs, a bus driver beaten by a passenger, for example.  The recoveries are often long and difficult.

Hopefully, OSHA's directive will help reduce incidents of violence at work. 

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