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Posted on Oct 26, 2017

What do you think your knee is worth? What about your ankle? Shoulder?

The truth is that we don't think about these things unless we've had a devastating injury, like a motor vehicle accident. Maybe your ankle gets crushed in between two panels of metal, and rendering it useless. What was a fully functioning joint yesterday now requires major surgery.

A total joint replacement is called an arthroplasty. They have them for shoulders and knees and ankles. Recently, the ankle replacement procedure has become more common and accepted, both in the medical communities and in the insurance industry. This week the Washington Post reported that ankles, which were more commonly being repaired are now more often being replaced using "advanced metal alloy and plastic" to "cover both the major shine bone and are engineered to interact with each other and the patient's mobility and flexibility." 

The procedure can cost $40,000 plus and though public insurance mostly covers it, private insurances are still balking at the risk and experimental nature of the surgery (aka they don't want to pay for it).

When you have a terrible injury from a crash on the highway and prolonged, serious injuries, it's best to do your homework on your potential treatment options. While there are other options besides complete replacement (like repair), you should consider the long-term success rate of the treatment, as well as the mobility you may gain or lose depending on your treatment choice. According to the article, "as many as 90 percent of total ankle replacement implants are intact five years after the surgery, but that number drops to 80 percent after eight years, according to an analysis of recent studies that was done by Washington University Orthopedics of St. Louis."

At Donahoe Kearney, we know a lot about traumatic injuries in accidents and keep current on the most up-to-date treatment. We also work closely with our clients' treating physicians so that when our clients have a devastating injury to an ankle or a shoulder, we help you seek out your best treatment options. Best of all, we know how to get it covered in an insurance settlement. So give us a call today if you were in a serious auto accident. We will take care of you.

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