America's High Maternal Death Rate; CDC Asks States to Help

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Posted on May 12, 2016

CDC has spurred a movement to protect pregnant mothers.

According to the Washington Post, the maternal mortality rate is rising in our country. To combat this rise in deaths, the CDC is encouraging states to have mortality review panels that go beyond finding enough information to fill out the death certificate - they want states to find out the causes of death for these pregnant or recently pregnant mothers, in the hopes of preventing similar deaths going forward. The CDC wants states to gather as much information as possible, including information about the prenatal care that was given to the mother, other health conditions, use of medications, drug and alcohol abuse, previous medical procedures and much more. All in the name of lowering the mortality rate. 

America's maternal mortality rate is higher than other developed countries. 

America - 18.5  
Canada - 8.2
United Kingdom -  6.1
Japan - 6.1

How many of these deaths are preventable?

The CDC estimates that about one-third of all these deaths are preventable, and are calling on the states to put in place mechanisms that will prevent these deaths. About half of the states in our country already have some type of mortality review panel for mothers during and after giving birth, but the CDC wants every state to get on board. 

Locally, Virginia and Maryland has a board. The District of Columbia does not. 

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