9/11 Victims Fund Gets Funded Through 2092

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Posted on Jul 29, 2019


First Responders continue to get comped after 9/11


This past week the senate approved continuing workers comp coverage and death benefits for first responders and their families who served on 9/11. The vote was nearly unanimous on the senate floor.


The bill is on its way to President Trump's desk and is expected to be signed.


9/11 is an issue near and dear to attorney Frank Kearney’s heart as he did pro bono work for families affected by the disaster after 9/11. When I asked him about it he said this:


“It was an incredibly moving, emotional, and humbling experience. I represented the family of a contractor (a wife and mom) killed when the plane hit the Pentagon. What people don’t realize is that those deserving families still had to fight to get what they deserved - the fund didn’t just write you a check. And fight we did. Our judge at the hearing was a jerk - when we put a picture of the deceased on the table, he said something like this isn’t what this is about. I went ballistic - and would do the same today - but in the end we proved everything using our own experts and economic analysis. I still think of that family and their incredible loss."


Although federal compensation funds are different than private insurance payouts, they operate the same in principle. First Responders still dealing with medical issues will continue to get benefits and those who lost their spouses that day will continue to be supported. The system is similar to DC workers comp, where you are eligible to receive benefits (monetary and medical) if you’re hurt at work. And of course death benefits for those whose spouse has been killed on duty.


A group of first responders from 9/11 attended the hearing and watched as the bill got confirmed by the senate. The bill is expected to finance the rescue workers fund through 2092.


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