$10 Million Medical Malpractice Suit

Posted on Oct 14, 2016

In March 2013, a man was admiited to the University of Maryland Medical Center for kidney problems. While in the hospital, his potassium levels became high and doctors prescribed him the drug Kayexalate. 

The drug Kayexalate is known to pull potassium from the patient's blood and move it to the colon. After several hours of pain, the doctors ran tests and figured out that the drug they used had made the problem worse by causing major issues in his colon.  

Doctors told the man's family they would have to remove half of his colon. But, after surgery, the family was surprised to find out that doctors had removed his whole colon. Unfortunately, he died the next day. 

The family sued the University of Maryland system for not being aware of the drug's complications according to the Baltimore Sun and the jury awarded the family $10 million in damages.

When the wrong drug is given to a patient, medical negligence can occur. Any doctor or health care worker has to know the risks and side effects for the particular patient before prescribing that medication and then discuss those risks and side effects with the patient.  We've answered a FAQ on this type of medical malpractice here, and it can happen in DC, MD and VA - like this man from Gwynn Oak, Maryland.   

Experience settling these types of medical negligence cases counts - like this time a patient received the wrong drug all together or when a child and his family was able to get the help they needed after a medical error caused their son's lung disease. That's why you need someone fighting for you who has written books on medical malpractice and has experience handling tough cases at settlement and in court. 

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