Your Benefits Checks Should Be Coming At The Same Time On a Regular Basis

Worried every time your workers comp benefits check is supposed to be there? Most people should be.  Even with a serious, legitimate on teh job injury, Workers Comp Check Is Always Late in DCthe workers comp system is an uphill battle - and you're standing at the bottom of the hill.

Many workers have problems getting their compensation checks delivered consistently - they are often one, two, three days or even a week late.  And you've probably heard every excuse in the book - the adjuster was on vacation or out sick or at a funeral and no one else was there to handle her cases, the mail is slow, the address is not quite right, the checks are mailed from somewhere else, the manager has to release the check, the system randomly stopped issuing your check...

What can you do to get your checks on time (and for the right amount)?

We have full time staff that call, email and fax adjusters and their supervisors (and the insurance company lawyers if they're involved - remember they are always at least "behind the scenes" giving advice to adjusters on the most effective ways to limit your workers comp benefits and medical treatment - even if you don't know who they are yet, they're out there working against you) every time a check is late.

Our staff does this in a professional, courteous, but no-nonsense way, and it gets results.  It's time consuming and difficult - you have to be persistent but calm to get results.  But it's difficult when it's your case and your money that is constantly late - how calm can you really be?

And we litigate. We're aggressive and adjusters and insurance company lawyers know this.  If we don't get the problem fixed, we have a judge fix it, until they do the right thing.  But you really can't credibly threaten to litigate the case unless you've done it many, many times and have a reputation for going to court.

That's why its difficult to run your case without an experienced lawyer these days.  The workers comp system isn't fair - it's complicated, time consuming and risky - one mistake could cost you thousands.

Many of our folks came to initially because they recognized or learned that the insurance company wouldn't help them or protect their families and their health.

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So read one of our books or guides or call us at (202) 393 - 3320 to see if we can help.  If we can't, we guarantee we'll tell you that and chances are, we may know someone who can help.  And there's no charge for that initial consultation or phone call.  We'll review all your paperwork, everything you have, for free too.

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