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What you really need is the best lawyer for you

Medical malpractice cases against a hospital, HMO or doctors in D.C. (as well as Maryland and Virginia) are hard.  There are no two ways about it.  And there are good lawyers who handle medical malpractice cases, but you only have one case - so you need the best lawyer for you and your family.

We've written a guide for evaluating any medical malpractice lawyers you may be thinking about, to give you some of the important questions to ask about experience and qualifications - it's FREE, just request it here.  And that will help most patients narrow down their search (medical malpractice law is a narrow specialty, lots of lawyers say they do it, or advertise for cases, but not many really know how to handle these cases at a high level).

But besides the experience, qualifications and resources a lawyer should have, you need something more if you have a catastrophic injury that has changed your life and impacted your family.  

You need a lawyer who communicates with you - often and clearly, in plain English (if he or she can't explain your case and what is being done so you can understand it, does the lawyer really understand it? and how will the lawyer ever convince a jury?).  Your lawyer needs to keep you up to speed and informed throughout the whole process so you know what to expect.  The investigation can take a long time and require a number of experts in different medical specialties - you should know that as it goes along.

You should also get calls just to see how you're doing, how you're feeling, are you anxious or worried about anything (at least our clients get these kinds of calls every month or so).

As a medical malpractice lawyer, you really need to be prepared to have a relationship with the people you help, so you need to get to know your lawyer and trust him.  For the people we work with who are paralyzed, have brain damage and other significant medical issues, we come see you at home, just so you're comfortable and we get to know you better.

These cases last a long time, and they are complicated - there is a lot at stake if you can't work, need someone to care for you because of your injuries, need a lifetime of medical care, treatment and medications, need home modifications. A lot of people we help need all that and more.

If you are looking for the best medical malpractice lawyer in DC for you and your family, the free books, guides and resources we publish should help.  Just call us at (202) 393-3320 and we will send them right out to you.


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