Should I Trust My Doctor, or The Insurance Company Doctor?

The choice of doctor is very important after you've been injured at work. Don't let the insurance company take away this important choice from you - you don't have to choose one of their doctors.  We let you know here how to choose the best doctor for your workers' comp injury. Why? Because protecting yourself on the job is important, especially when you've been injured and need medical attention to recover from your injuries.

It's best to have your personal doctor treating you and not a random insurance litigation doctor, and there are a number of cases in DC where judges agree. 

The reason is pretty sound if you ask me. An insurance company doctor will probably do what the insurance company wants - that's where they get most of their patients, after all. He or she won't have a sense of your overall health, and only will be seeing you while you're injured at that time. Personal doctors know you and are responsible for your medical care, and they have been for some time.

But, a doctor you choose should have your best interests at heart. They work for you, not the insurance company. They'll know if you start complaining about something that wasn't bothering you before. They know you. They're in the best position to make a judgement. And they are a good place to start - they can also refer you to a specialist if you need one.  

Doctors are the ones that determine the extent of your injuries, the severity of them, how long you will be off work, how long you should be doing light duty at work, etc. And, all of this affects the compensation you stand to receive at the end of your case, whether we settle your case before a trial, or whether we fight for you in Court. Either way, what the doctor says is very important and can often times decide a workers comp case in DC. 

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