Why Do I Need To Report My Injury Right Away If I Was Hurt At Work In DC?

Injured At Work in DC? Report It to a Supervisor Immediately

The reason you need to report your injury right away in DC is because of the issue of "timely notice." This is a legal term, but all it means is that you let your immediate supervisor know that you were injured just as soon as you can. If you are seriously injured and had to go to the hospital, that might mean calling the next day. If at all possible, you should let them know the same day.

In D.C. workers compensation, you have 30 days from the date of your on the job injury to notify your company.  There are certain circumstances that may extend this, but there is no reason to wait. Failure to give timely notice might induce the insurance company to deny your claim. It's not enough to just tell a co-worker. And it's not enough to just tell your supervisor that your back is hurting, or your arm is bothering you, etc. If your employer has a form, fill it out so there is a written record. 

You need to tell a supervisor two basic things after an injury at work: 1). The fact that you were injured and 2). It happened at work

That's pretty basic, but a lot of people think their company already knows, or that it's OK because a co-worker saw you get hurt, or that it will get better soon, so you can just wait. Many people when they get hurt at work think that they can shrug it off, only to discover that they have an injury that will require rehabilitation or even surgery. So give notice right away no matter what.

Proper Notice Of An Injury At Work Will Help With Your DC Workman's Compensation Case

Remember, adjusters are trained to be skeptical - they are looking for ways to deny or delay your medical treatment and benefits. And if you don't tell anyone about your injury at work for three weeks, they will take advantage of that. And you'll pay the price if your claim gets denied, and you have to wait three months of unpaid leave for a formal hearing.

Once You've Given Proper Notice, Don't Forget To File Your Employees Report Of Injury With The D.C Office Of Workers Compensation

There are also forms to file with the Office of Workers Compensation - your company does not file these for you.  We have these at our office and can email or send them to you.  Just call us at (202) 393 - 3320 or send an email to [email protected] and we can get them out to you right away.

Get The Help You Need Now After A Serious Injury At Work In Washington, D.C.

If you need help today, don't hesitate to reach out to us at 202-393-3320. Our experienced staff will help you take the next right steps and see if we can help you with your claim. Don't wait or delay your case by putting things off of trusting the wrong  people. Our commitment to you is that we will be totally honest with you about your case. Some people who have minor injuries can handle the claim all on their own. But if you have a serious injury like a torn rotator cuff, back injury, or meniscus tear and you need surgery, you will need a lawyer to protect you while you are out of work. Our experienced and aggressive workers comp lawyer can protect you and your family - get started today at 202-393-3320.

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