Should I Trust an Insurance Adjuster After a Serious Car Accident in DC?

If this is your first time in a serious auto accident, you may be in completely uncharted territory. You may be wondering, what do I do next? What do I tell the adjuster? How should I pay my medical bills? Most people have questions like this after a serious car accident in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. There is a right and wrong way to do things to protect your insurance claim.

Always Be Truthful with the Insurance Company But You Don't Have to do Everything They Ask

Once your car accident claim is reported, most insurance companies will use adjusters to get as much information as possible about your injuries and ultimately help decide how much the insurance company will be forced to pay if you are successful. They may send investigators or adjusters to your home or the hospital to visit with you. This is not a caring and compassionate hospital visit; these professionals have a duty to help the insurance company pay out as little as possible.

Here Are Some Ways You Can Protect Yourself

You do not have to give a recorded statement (either in person or on the phone). What you say while being recorded can and will be used against you by the insurance company. The fastest way to kill your case is to lie about something, but the purpose of the recorded statement isn’t always to catch fraudsters, it’s to deny or delay paying out for legitimate injuries. This is likely the first time this has happened in your life, and you are dealing with pain and medications while recovering from your injury. The adjuster, on the other hand, deals with dozens of new cases every week or more and is an expert in finding reasons to not pay your entire claim.

Missing even a small detail can derail your case, so we advise that you do not give a recorded statement.

Insurance companies may also send you a letter involving medical authorizations that they ask you to sign and return to the adjuster. They are entitled to medical information about your injury, the medical and surgery reports and medical bills, but the key here is that the insurance company is trying to use your entire medical history against you. It’s a process you want to control (that’s how it works for the people we represent).

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