My Workers Comp Lawyer Treats Me Like a Number!

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My lawyer treats me like a number.

My lawyer wasted my time with an informal conference.

My lawyer is passive.

I feel like I'm doing all the work.

These are some things we hear far too often.

This past week I spoke with, and met with a fantastic mechanic and his lovely wife. They were frustrated - he hadn't been paid in a long time and his attorney had initially filed for an informal conference rather than going straight to a hearing.

Now, he was faced with more months without pay while the clock runs out on discovery and filing due dates. Meanwhile, he is still not getting paid and he can't go back to work with his injuries - and of course there is no light duty to speak of with his position.

It's incredibly frustrating and inefficient. This is exactly why we hardly ever use informal conferences - and never when somebody's paycheck is on the line. And we hear this fairly often from different people - why did their attorney file for an informal conference when they could have gone straight to a Formal Hearing?

Here's why we usually skip the informal conference and

go straight to a Formal Hearing.

Sometimes when people have prior attorneys we can help - it really depends on how much work has been done on the case, and if things are going well. But anytime we have to say "no" it is a very difficult decision to make because if we had the case from the beginning we would have been able to help.

This is why we work so hard to get good information out into the hands of the community so that people know to avoid these types of mistakes - such as a rookie mistake of filing for an informal conference instead of a formal hearing.

I badly wished that I would have been able to get our workers' compensation book into the hands of this worker six months ago. 

Do you want to avoid making some of the classic mistakes that can hurt your workers' compensation case early on? Can you really trust the insurance company?

Should you take a chance with just any lawyer?  Or do you owe it to yourself and your family to find the absolute best workers comp lawyer that will be the perfect fit - a legal team that explains everything every step of the way and let's you know what is happening with your case, so you can focus on your rehab, on getting better, and can think about your next steps? 

Let's face it, many injuries are career ending, and you won't be able to physically do the job you once did.  That's a big change in your life.  Most people are anxious and worried about what to do next, and afraid they will make a mistake that hurts their case (and can impact you both financially and health wise, if you don't get the medical treatment you need because the insurance company won't authorize it.

Look, if you've got a serious injury, you may have had surgery or your doctor said it will be permanent, you've got to be really careful that you're getting the absolute best advice and guidance - and that's hard to come by after you get hurt at work.


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