How Does Brain Damage Happen in DC Area Hospitals?

We all know that brain damage is serious. The brain is responsible for sending and receiving billions of messages every single day just to keep your organs functioning, let alone the billions of neurotransmitters that light up our emotions and support our personality. When doctors, hospitals or HMOs don't follow through on their checklists, medical tests, neurological assessments, and other types of systems designed to keep their patients safe, they don't treat you like a person. And when they breeze through hospital rounds or simply neglect to do the next appropriate thing, they probably aren't thinking about how it will devastate your family if your spouse comes home with paralysis or brain damage.

But we've heard this story, too many times. "My husband went in for simple surgery and came out paralyzed."

Or "my wife went into the hospital pregnant and came out with no baby loss of her arms due to sepsis"

It's tragic, and it happens too often.

How Can Traumatic Brain Injury Happen?

Traumatic Brain Injury can happen both externally and internally. It can come from blunt trauma to the head, say if you hit your head on the pavement during a bike accident or you get a serious concussion during football practice. And then there's the kind of brain injury that comes from anoxic/hypoxic brain injuries, or lack of oxygen to the brain itself.

What Can Happen to the Brain if there is Hypoxia?

Here's what can happen to the brain if there is a hypoxic injury:

  • Changes in fundamental language or reasoning skills
  • Abrupt personality changes
  • Changes in ability to coordinate movement or other types of gross motor functions
  • Confused nervous system or inability to correctly process signals
  • Sudden problems with impulse control
  • Onset of anxiety or depression or other types of mental illness

Neurological injures can be the most difficult to process because it feels like the death of a person, and it might be the death of a person as you've known them their whole life. Especially if there are personality changes. But physiological injuries can be just as difficult to process, in other ways. That person that you knew, perhaps strong and independent, is now relying on you for basic care and hygiene.

Has the Unthinkable Become a Part of Your Every Day Life?

Do you have a husband or wife who went into the hospital and came out with paralysis or brain damage? Contact us today at 202-393-3320. We know it's a lot to process, thinking about filing a lawsuit so all you have to do today is to take that first step to gather information. We will speak to you for no cost and no obligation. Even if we don't end up being the right firm for you we guarantee you will get good information from us and possibly even specific advice from our attorneys.