Union Workers Getting Max Workers Compensation Benefits

You've worked hard your whole life to get where you are.  The apprentice classes, now with your experience in the trade,with overtime, differentials, all adds up to a lot - and a lot you and your family depend on. One work injury can change all of that.  Don't let it.

The reality is, your job is heavy duty - there is no light duty in the trade.  Even if you have a helper or don't have to lift much on the job you're on now, what's the next job going to be like?  And after a serious injury, especially if you've had surgery, how long can you keep working?

You're about to find out that workers comp is a totally different system, especially in D.C.  There are 58 chapters of regulations for the DC Workers Comp Act (the workers comp law) plus decisions from the Court of Appeals and Compensation Review Board that can change the law in a hurry. Probably why most lawyers won't even touch these cases. 

You're in the right place.  This is where we take care of the stress, worry and anxiety you (and your wife) are feeling since the injury.  You've got to deal with doctor's appointments, therapy, rehab and just trying to get around. We can take care of the rest.

Is the Workers Compensation Insurance Going to Take Advantage of You?

Honestly, that's their job.  And they have a team of adjusters, nurses, case managers, doctors and lawyers already working against you. We've seen them make people feel really foolish when they found out what they did...and sometimes you won't even know it.

So #1, avoid this mistake:

If you're hurt in DC or most of your work is in DC,  don't file your workers comp case in Maryland or Virginia because that's where you live or where your company's office is (that's just what the insurance company wants you to do) at least until you talk to us.  Please.  We've had to explain this to proud people, high wage earners with a serious injury, who screwed themselves out of more than $400.00 in workers comp money - every single week.

How'd you like to think about your check being $400.00 less than it should be - every single, stinking week? You see, once you file and get benefits in another state, you can't come back into the DC workers comp system.  And for someone making as much money as you do, you'll be at the max workers comp benefit rate, which is more than $400.00 more in DC than it is in Maryland or Virginia.

We Help You Get Everything Your Entitled To - Legally and Ethically

Really, that's what it's all about - paying the mortgage, car loans, sending kids out into the world, whatever you've worked hard for, you deserve to keep it.  

So if you're a union worker making about $100,000.00 per year call us and at least get your options on where to file your case. It can make a world of difference and give you and your family a lot less to worry about as you recover from surgery, and focus on your rehab and therapy.

Call us today at (202) 393-3320 and we'll send you a copy of Mr. Kearney's book on the workers comp system - it's the only one of it's kind and it's the book the workers comp insurance company doesn't want you to read. Call today - before you sign anything!

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