Dealing With Travelers Insurance After A Work Injury In DC

For our injured workers in Washington, DC, we cover all aspects of the case from injury to settlement. This means that we take over communicating with the insurance adjuster, manage medical records, get treatment authorized and keep the income replacement benefits coming until our client is ready to go back to work. Part of providing full-spectrum legal representation is knowing the tricks the insurance companies like Travelers have up their sleeve and knowing exactly how to beat them.

Our Experienced DC Workers Compensation Lawyers Specialize In Injuries That Require Surgery or Long Term Recovery

If you tore your rotator cuff or meniscus at work you know that the recovery time is prolonged and it could be a long time before you can go back to work. Although our clients are always itching to go back to work, our job is to protect their income and get them the best medical treatment possible while they are getting back on their feet after a big fall on a construction site or a slip and fall on icy steps during the winter.

We have represented one heavy-duty worker who fell in a manhold that had been left uncovered by a subcontractor. Another client fell onto rebar after a sub contractor destabilized the platform. We have helped a security worker get back to life after falling on ice during her patrol. We just settled a case for a man who tore his rotator cuff during an altercation at a school. Our clients don't go back to work right away, and they have to get a good lawyer to protect them while they can't work. Some of our clients have permanent injuries and can't go back to work at all, and if they didn't have an experienced lawyer on their side to negotiate a large lump-sum settlement they would not be able to bounce back and pay their bills after a career-ending injury.

Insurance companies like Travelers have many tricks up their sleeve to avoid paying benefits to people with legitimate injuries. They are often able to trick injured workers who don't know better into giving them a recorded statement which they later use against them. They may trick an injured worker into signing a cart blanche medical records release form in which case an aggressive adjuster or nurse case manager will try to dispute the claim due to a previous injury. Most people don't know that in DC, a previous injury does not keep a person from getting workers comp. Many with a work injury get frustrated with the process and just give up or go back to work before their doctor clears them; which often means they just keep getting reinjured.

They may even convince an injured worker that they have to attend a "work clinic" or go to Concentra instead of choosing their own doctor and specialists.

If You Have Travelers And You Need Surgery Or Long Term Care, Contact Our Experienced Attorneys Today

If you were injured in DC, work for a private employer, and are going to be out of work for awhile we are the right fit for you. Our experienced workers' compensation lawyers have represented hundreds of heavy-duty workers injured in Washington DC, and we know every trick in the book that Travelers will try to play on you. Contact us at 202-393-3320 to get started right now. Our guarantee to you is that we will give you some information you can use the very same day to avoid the classic mistakes made by injured workers who have a case with Travelers.

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