You've Had a Serious on the Job Injury.  Do You Understand the Workers Comp System?

After a serious injury at work, you have a lot to deal with - medical treatment, new doctors, an insurance company adjuster, your relationship with your company - there is a lot of uncertainty and worry.  We get that.

Honestly, when workers comp laws were enacted over 100 years ago, it was pretty simple.  But that's just not the case today.  Everything is more complicated, specialized, highly regulated and technical.

And the workman's comp system is no different. Here are just a few examples:

  • The laws and regulations of each local jurisdiction - D.C., Maryland and Virginia are significantly different.  And a lot of people work in D.C. but live in Maryland or do some of their work in Maryland, some in D.C., some in Virginia.
  • The filing and notice requirements are different for D.C., Maryland and Virginia.
  • The workers comp insurance company has experienced, technical and highly trained professionals working for them - lawyers, nurses, adjusters, case managers, doctors, etc.

How Can You Get Help Understanding Workers Comp?

Being on our website is a good start - you're in the right place. You've done some initial research - maybe you don't believe the adjuster is telling you everything, you've heard horror stories about workers comp, or you want to focus on getting better - getting the medical treatment you need without having to worry about everything.

There is a book available only to people who have been injured on the job - not to workers comp insurance company representatives.  It's the only book written by a practicing, experienced attorney exclusively for injured workers.

For some people, the book has been the first step in understanding the system they are now in (and up against).  Some people would rather talk it through - ask questions and get immediate answers about their situation.  We get that too.

So we do offer exclusive, no obligation confidential appointments to discuss the specifics of your situation. 

If that's you, call (202) 393 - 3320 to schedule a time to talk.

We'll even send you the book, which could easily be worth thousands of dollars if it keeps you from making just one costly mistake you probably don't even know you're making. The book is also absolutely free of charge with no obligation.

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