How Do You Know If You Can Trust A Medical Malpractice Attorney in DC?Our Clients Trust Us with Medical Malpractice Case in DC

It seems like almost every attorney advertises for medical malpractice cases in D.C., Maryland and Virginia. There are a lot of fish in this ocean.

How can you find a medical malpractice lawyer you can trust with your case? How many of those lawyers have actually handled a medical malpractice case for someone who is severely injured - anoxic brain damage, paralysis, amputation, sepsis, cerebral palsy?

Not many.  Here's how you find a D.C. medical malpractice lawyer you can trust.  First, don't believe all the T.V. commercials you see.  Many of those ads target cases they cannot handle and will ultimately refer them to another law firm.  

You'll have to do some research to get started to find the right lawyer.  Here's what you need to look for:

  • Experience - how many times has the lawyer represented someone with a significant injury or death against a hospital, HMO or doctor.  Hint: Experienced med mal lawyers will know the risk managers, insurance companies and defense lawyers who will be involved. We certainly do.
  • Evaluation - no experienced med mal lawyer will tell your family you have a case without having the medical records and information analyzed by qualified experts in various medical specialties (obstetrics, pediatric neurology, infectious disease, etc. depending on the situation). We have developed a system for analyzing and evaluating medical malpractice cases and working with the right experts for each family we work with.
  • Board Certification - The National Board of Trial Advocacy certifies attorneys who have met experience and practice criteria, have references from judges they have tried cases before and lawyers they have tried cases against.  Few lawyers take the extra steps required to become Board Certified.  But its a distinction worth noting.  If experienced, successful attorneys are willing to take this step as part of their own professional development, that's probably an indication they will "go the extra mile" for you and your family.  Both Keith Donahoe and Frank Kearney are Board Certified.
  • Interview - no short cuts here.  Once you're satisfied that the medical malpractice lawyer has the right experience, credentials, evaluation process and certification, you still have to meet with the lawyer and make sure its the right fit for you and your family.  

Contact Our Experienced Medical Malpractice Lawyers To Find Out If We Are The Right Fit For Your DC Area Medical Malpractice Case

We won't know if we are the best fit for you and your family until we meet you and review your medical records, but we guarantee you will learn a lot just by meeting with us and discussing what happened.  Making the right choice on a lawyer to help you and your family is critical and you don't want to make a mistake that could really cost you by hiring a lawyer who isn't right for you.

Call us today at (202) 393 - 3320 to talk about your situation.  Just give us a call and we can help get you started.

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