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One of the best feelings for someone who has been seriously injured is being mobile; being able to get out and go.  

One of the best feelings for us as medical malpractice lawyers is being able to settle a case and give someone with special needs the resources they need to travel; take the kids to Disney World, see the Pro Football Hall of Fame, go to Florida for the winter - whatever you want to do.

Especially for people with disabilities, traveling can seem overwhelming - but don't let it be. 

Travel by people with disabilities has gone up in recent years, but let's be honest; it is still difficult for many people with disabilities to travel. And travel can be expensive, and cumbersome. But, with some perseverance and planning, some of these difficulties can be minimized. Planning ahead and knowing what to expect can be critical to enjoying your trip.  

Joan Stein, president and CEO of Accesibility Development Associates has a company that advises businesses on how they can properly adhere to federal laws that protect people with disabilities, like the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

Independent Traveler gives great tips for those with disabilities looking to travel. And, because the warm weather is coming up, these tips are especially helpful and can be used for general travel right now.

Tips to Make Travel Easier

1) Research your destination beforehand. Make sure you know where you're headed, and that the hotel that will accommodate you. The airport management office should be able to help you with this planning.

2) If you use a service animal, carry health and innoculation certifications. 

3) Because wheelchair passengers disembark from planes last, make sure to work extra time into your travel schedule. You don't want to miss your connecting flight!

4) Put your name and address on all checked-through equipment, like wheelchairs.

If you are looking for more resources for you or someone you know with a disability feel free to give us a call. We work with families with children with special needs, representing them when they face medical malpractice in D.C., Maryland and Virginia. We also provide resources we've learned about through the families we help; all for free to parents of special needs children.  

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