Be Careful What You Believe About Car Accidents in Washington DC

After a serious accident in the D.C. area, you probably have a lot of questions such as how will you pay for your medical treatment? How will you go back to work? What will the future hold? As you're dealing with surgeries, rehab, scheduling doctors visits and missing work, you're also getting tons of information on what you should do.

Often after an accident, we do not know who to turn to, so we turn to friends and family for guidance on what should be done and how to move forward. While your friends and family may mean well when they are trying to give you advice on what to do with your accident case, here are some common "myths" you have to watch out for that are usually heard from friends and family:

If you write the insurance company a letter and are reasonable, you will get a reasonable settlement proposal.

When you are in an accident and the insurance company calls you to ask for a recorded statement, you have to give them a recorded statement or they wont settle with you.

All lawyers who advertise that they handle accident cases have the same ability, tools and experience to handle your case.

The insurance company for the person who hit you is obligated to pay your medical bills as they become due.

All lawyers charge the same fees in injury cases.

The court system is some sort of lottery that will help you get rich.

Just because there has been an accident and it wasn't your fault, there must be some insurance company that will pay for your bills, lost wages and injuries,

If a lawyer refers you to a doctor, that is a good idea,

There is a formula for determining settlement value.

If You've Heard Some Of This Well-Meaning Advice Before, Don't Worry

Our advice is stop and take a breath.  Focus on yourself and getting better.  Don't panic and hire a lawyer who isn't the absolute best lawyer for you (and we have a checklist of questions you should ask and qualifications you want in any lawyer you're thinking about hiring - we can give that you).

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