It's Important To Know and Distinguish Between a Slow-Moving Case, and an Ineffectual Attorney

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It's Important To Know the Difference and Distinguish Between a Slow Case, and an

Ineffectual Attorney in DC, Maryland & Virginia


If you are in the midst of a workers’ compensation case, you understand how time-consuming and frustrating the process of getting the compensation you deserve can be. Between acquiring all your medical records, scheduling an Independent Medical Exam, and waiting for your attorney to hear back from adjusters, it may feel like your case is progressing at a snail’s pace. 


Unfortunately, this tends to be how many workers’ compensation cases operate. Your lawyer’s job is to make sure they have all the evidence your case requires and to advocate tirelessly to ensure that your claim is a priority to your insurance adjuster. Even if your attorney is doing everything they can to move your case along, it may take weeks or months for each step of the process to be completed; even something that may seem simple, like acquiring your medical records, can take weeks (


Let's just say the medical community at large is still using the slowest and most bureaucratic of systems to relay medical information -- as they should. It's very important to keep that information safe. This is why it's so important for our clients to get their medical records directly from the doctor, and then send them to us.


All that said, it’s still possible that part of the reason your case isn’t progressing is that your attorney isn’t prioritizing it. If you have accounted for the slow nature of workers’ compensation cases and there is still little explanation for why nothing is happening in your case, you may be interested in seeking out new representation. And unfortunately we do hear from a fair amount of people who are experiencing poor customer service or lackluster representation.


So how do you go about getting a new lawyer, and how will it affect your case? 


First of all, know that you have the right to terminate your relationship with your attorney at any point. That said, there are some important things to take note of if you decide to take this step. Again, remember that some cases take a long time, and this may not be your lawyer’s fault at all. But if your lawyer and their staff tend to ignore your questions for unreasonable amounts of time, don’t seem to fully understand your case, are rude to you, or are unable to tell you any steps they’ve taken or plan to take to move your case along, it may be time to find new representation. 


When looking for new representation, it is important to seek out an attorney who is invested in you and who has extensive knowledge in the workers’ compensation field. A lawyer who doesn’t appear to value communication with clients or is concerned about not getting a high attorney’s fee due to splitting it with your previous lawyer is not the one for you. 


If you believe you have a workers’ compensation case but have yet to hire an attorney, watch out for these warning signs to avoid going through the hassle of dealing with an unsympathetic attorney who will only increase the length and frustration of your case – and thus force you to go even longer without pay. You owe it to yourself to seek out the best representation, even if that means terminating your relationship with your current lawyer.


It is your job to heal and move forward, and it is your attorney’s job to make this as easy as possible for you. That means dealing with all the administrative elements of your case and working tirelessly to advocate for you. 


If you think that you might have a case or you are looking to leave your current representation, call us today at 202-393-3320. Even if you simply want to learn more about how D.C. workers’ compensation cases work, we can help you out by sending you our signature book, Protect Your Rights, at no cost or obligation.

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